Leadership and Global Justice

What does global justice look like, and how can leadership help get us there? The contributors to Leadership and Global Justice confront the conceptual and practical challenges associated with pursuing justice beyond national boundaries. Essays analyze the roles and responsibilities of institutions – states, corporations, international financial institutions, UN bodies, nongovernmental organizations – in making collaborative progress towards international justice. They explore justice in various spheres: citizenship, the marketplace, health, education, and the environment. And they provide creative and constructive moral approaches for evaluating and promoting global justice, including human rights, capabilities, and solidarity of people across boundaries.


‘This is a fine collection of contributors and essays on interrelated dimensions of global justice. In the Introduction, editors Hicks and Williamson pose all the right questions for justice leadership. Then, over eleven solid chapters, the authors effectively engage an interdisciplinary conversation that works. The editors finish the conversation with the key challenges facing leadership for global justice.’

Larry Rasmussen, Reinhold Niebuhr Professor Emeritus of Social Ethics, Union Theological Seminary