Traditional Classics on Leadership

Traditional Classics on LeadershipLeadership might be thought of as the process that facilitates the achievement of group or societal objectives. As such, it has been at the centre of learned reflection and debate from earliest times. Philosophers, religious leaders, political theorists, and reformers have struggled with (and argued about) the moral purpose of leadership, how individuals and societies can go about achieving desired ends, and what role leaders and followers play in the process. This volume draws together in one place some of the best thinking on these and other issues from the great minds of the Western tradition. Taken together, the selections of this volume provide a rich and textured source for an initial understanding of some of the central issues of leadership. This book is an ideal reference work for scholars, leaders, and public intellectuals who are interested in the workings of leadership. It is also essential reading for students who wish to confront the deeper issues surrounding the leadership relation.


This collection is an invaluable reference for anyone interested in the study of leadership. With readings that span from ancient times to the present, we see how questions about the power, morality, and the leader–follower relationship are an ongoing part of the human condition.

—Joanne B. Ciulla, University of Richmond, US