Money EnoughIn this timely resource, author Douglas A. Hicks offers a faith-based account of the global economy and our place in it. Money Enough is filled with insight and wise advice that walks the line between rejecting the marketplace and accepting its excesses. Filled with illustrative examples, the book shows how to develop practices that help us survive in hard times and reach out to others.

With God on All SidesThe key to good leadership, Hicks writes, is to engage one another across lines of difference with a spirit of humility, build communication and trust, and offer an inclusive vision that is true to America’s principles. Based on years of research and practical experience, With God on All Sides provides an invaluable and thought-provoking guide to leadership–and citizenship–in our devout and diverse nation.

Religion & the WorkplaceReligion and the Workplace proposes constructive solutions based on a concept of respectful pluralism which allows for the expression of individual beliefs and practices. At a time of international debate over religious conflict and tolerance, workforces in various parts of the world are more diverse than ever before. Religion and spirituality are often strongly linked to employees’ identities.

Inequality & Christian EthicsInequality and Christian Ethics draws on Christian social ethics, political philosophy, and development economics to illuminate not only contemporary realities and trends of inequality, but their moral significance as well. The book maps out inequality in various forms, including disparities in income, education, and health and differentials based on race, ethnicity, gender, and nationality.

Traditional Classics on LeadershipTraditional Classics on Leadership is an ideal reference work for scholars, leaders, and public intellectuals who are interested in the workings of leadership. It is also essential reading for students who wish to confront the deeper issues surrounding the leadership relation; the selections of this volume provide a rich and textured source for an initial understanding of some of the central issues of leadership.

Global NeighborsHow can people of faith meet the challenge of living morally and faithfully within an increasingly globalized society? Much of the debate about the global market economy is polarized between pro-market ideology and anti-globalization activism. Global Neighbors sidesteps that dichotomy, presenting instead a nuanced, constructive approach.

Leadership & Global JusticeLeadership and Global Justice confronts the conceptual and practical challenges associated with pursuing justice beyond national boundaries. Essays analyze the roles and responsibilities of institutions – states, corporations, international financial institutions, UN bodies, nongovernmental organizations – in making collaborative progress towards international justice.